What to expect from a cruise

At the end of August, I was lucky enough to set sail on my very first cruise to the Norwegian Fjords for a week on a ‘girls holiday’; when I say girls holiday, I mean we took my nan and her wheelchair.


Intu Lakeside’s VIB Launch Party

Intu Lakeside have recently launched a ‘Very Important Blogger’ programme which allows Essex Bloggers to work closely with brands based at Lakeside, Thurrock. To celebrate the launch, I was invited by Voice Communications and Intu Lakeside to their #everyonesinvited weekend. Throughout the weekend, Intu Lakeside had celebrity performances from Reggie & Bollie, a book signing with Rylan Clark, free popcorn & candy floss as well as lots of other fun activities for all the family!


My top 5 eateries in Paphos

So I have just returned from the beautiful island on Cyprus. It is one of my favourite holiday destinations that offers culture, beaches, sunshine and plenty of food & cocktails. Rather than going all inclusive, self catering is always preferred as there are so many mouth watering restaurants available to try. Whilst I still have much of Cyprus, and Paphos in particular to explore, some of the restaurants there have provided the best food I have ever eaten.


Fashion Essentials

I’m definitely not a style icon or fashion extraordinaire but this year I have found a few key pieces which I find really work for me that can be integrated into my wardrobe. I’m one of those people that once they find something they love, they will buy it in every single colour. Yep, that’s exactly what I have done this year. My style is pretty basic and I am trying to convert to some kind of capsule wardrobe. I absolutely love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but I am terrible at letting things go.


Updating the Dressing Room

I use the term ‘I’ve moved out’ very lightly when describing my situation as I still stop off at my parents house every weekday morning for breakfast and spend two nights sleeping there. Whilst they have ditched my bedroom and have moved me to the sofa bed upstairs, my ‘room’ has been transformed into a beautiful dressing room/spare room for everybody to enjoy. It’s the perfect addition to the house! Decorating and redesigning a room doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.. a few little updates and changes can make all the difference.


A letter to Heaven

On the 28th March, I was surprised by the sudden loss of a beautiful friend, Amy. Amy suffered from a heart attack at an age far too young for life to finish. There were no warnings, no signs, no time to say goodbye. I’m still not quite sure I have fully accepted that I’ll never see her again, but every day I will continue to remember her as a fun, loving young lady.


My Europe Travel Wishlist

Ah, the world of Wanderlust is both terrible and exciting. Somedays, I love my little adult life in my new home, with a boyfriend, our very own dog and standard well-paying 9-5 jobs. Other days, I want to be as far away from here as possible. That’s OK though, because you don’t have to give up everything for a years travelling Asia or the Gold Coast to be able to say you’ve had that travelling experience. My alternative now is to take short trips over many years to cover the same destinations. Firstly, focusing on Europe..  (more…)

We’re going through changes..

Hello internet world. I am back and I am back with a vengeance. As you can see, With Love Lottie has had a little less love and a little more neglect these past few months. With moving home, christmas, birthdays, buying a puppy, it’s all been a bit hectic and leaving very little time and motivation to blog. However, this post marks a whole new start. I have updated my theme, info and gained back my love for writing on my little internet space. Having started my blog about beauty and fashion, I will be moving into a more lifestyle direction to fit in with my current.. well, lifestyle. I am excited for what’s to come and hope you all will be too!

See you in my next post!

XO Lottie

Introducing Freddy


So, I haven’t blogged for a whole two months and that is absolutely dreadful of me, I know but there has been lots going on. So obviously, what’s the best thing to do once you’ve bought a house that needs hella loads of work and work full time? Buy a puppy, obviously (Little note here, we have my partner’s grandparents that live around the corner and look after Freddy whenever we can’t so he basically has two homes and isn’t left for hours) So here he is, little Freddy.


Life living with a boy

So it’s been almost three months since my boyfriend & I purchased our very own home and let me tell you, it’s a whole different world to living at home with your family. I’m not saying every boy is like this, but it definitely sums up life with my boyfriend!