Something Suited

I’m lucky enough to be going on a second holiday for the year. I recently went to Lanzarote with my best friends which I wrote a blog about, yet this time I am off to Turkey with my boyfriend. We booked it last month and we’re off in 9 days! I cannot wait for some […]

You’re hired!

Finished school/university or maybe your just after a change, looking for a job is a tough process. I for one have spent hours and hours trolling the internet looking through thousand of jobs for that perfect dream role. I though I had it today when I attended my first interview in 2 years; it was […]

Up your brow game

I’ve never been crazy on beauty treatments but this evening I ventured out for a HD Brow treatment at a new local salon. It was a spare of the moment kind of decision when I booked it and I knew eventually I would have to go through with it. HD brows is a new treatment […]

High School Never Ends

So it’s the beginning of September meaning that a lot of youngsters will be going back to school, or perhaps already have. I’m dedicating this blog post to my high school experience and to be honest, my overall opinion of school is that I absolutely loved it and if I could go back then I […]

Morning Walks

I’ve just booked a week away with my Boyfriend for the beginning of October so this weekend I was officially poor and we decided on a cheap, no spending weekend. Instead of shopping, or going to the cinema, we took a morning stroll down Heybridge Basin, a cute little local village to where we live. […]