Pout Perfection

Let me start by saying I have been searching for this product for AGES. Every time I have checked my local boots, super drug or supermarket, they either didn’t have the colour I was after or someone had opened all of them to test. I finally managed to get my hands on the Maybelinne Colour […]


I’ve been dying for a two piece recently and this one I picked up at New Look is almost perfect. I teamed it with my Topshop Chelsea boots but I’d swap for black chunky heels if I was going for a night out. I also love this As If metallic clutch which I received as a Christmas […]

Project Pan

My blogging has been a little slack recently. I’ve just started a university degree so my focus has been well and truly on that, and that alone. I’m also one of those wanted to get fit for 2015 so blogging just hasn’t been on my mind as much. My ideas have also dried up a […]