3 things before I’m 30

A couple of weeks ago I posted 5 things in 2015 which covered what I’m looking forward to this year. Instead of focusing on what I’ve booked, I’ll be discussing 3 things I hope to achieve before I’m 30! In a couple of weeks time, I will finally be turning 21. It feels like yesterday that I was leaving school, so whilst 9 years seems like a very long time away – I bet the years will fly by.07

1. Engaged, House, Babies

We all know the house market is impossible but I’m desperate the save for a deposit rather than rent. After my Thailand travels, saving for a house deposit will be my biggest aim (i may or may not, have already found my future flat). My friends aren’t particular interested in saving for a house, which makes saying no to going out really hard. My mum can’t wait for grandchildren, whilst my dad has a very opposite view. House, marriage, baby would be a great order however I would swap marriage and baby around if the timings were right.

2. Travel The World

Whilst next year I’ll be focusing on saving for the future, I still hope to travel more. There is SO much to see – I don’t understand how some people don’t want to travel more. A colleague of mine has never stepped onto a plane and I find restrictions like that has meant she’s not seen so much of what the world has the offer. Although there is so much conflict currently happening, there are also so many beautiful sights to see. The top of the list is a European tour and a trip to Africa.

3. Become a Career Woman

‘she’s got a job but it’s not a career’ – in the words of Lily Allen, I have a job, however it’s not a career. Or at least not the one I want. Really, I love my job, it’s normally the circumstances that I dislike. I would love a job in marketing or events and hope that by the time I’m 30 that I have a solid career. It may not even be in what I currently what as I tend to change my mind by the wind, however whatever it is, I want to love it whilst being paid big bucks!

Do you have any goals you want to achieve before you are 30?


With love, Lottie