5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

I hate to admit it, but I think I can be a little materialistic. Ideally, I’d live in a world where things don’t matter and you can go through life happy with a bag of chips & a free trip to the seaside (actually, I’d be pretty happy with that!

1/ I couldn’t live without my family & friends

I love being surrounded by people who care about me, and that I care about. I also cannot bare to be alone.. not even for an evening. I’m a rather needy person so I’d hate to not be around people I love. Plus, my family are freakin’ awesome!


2/ I couldn’t live without my phone

Isn’t everybody like this these days though? I mean, I can go a few days without the social media, checking emails and excessive group chats, but forever? no way! Not because I like to scroll through updates from people I’m just not interested in on Facebook, but because I like to chat and I have little time to connect with friends in the real world every single week. I love having the girls at the click of a button should I have some kind of hair disaster or being able to chat to mother bear in the middle of a boyfriend breakdown.

3/ I couldn’t live without the presence of cute, fluffy animals

In particular, dogs. I am obsessed with dogs. So obsessed that my boyfriend thinks I am slightly off my rocker. I am one of those crazy people that follows dogs on Instagram and Twitter. Seriously, like check out Marnie The Dog (T) or Oliver The Goldendoodle (I) and prepare to fall in love. I’ve already named my future 30 dogs. Also note that anything crossed with a poodle is absolutely gorgeous.

Marnie The Dog
Picture from www.marniethedog.com

4/ I couldn’t live without cheese

Like this is a serious post right now – who could live without cheese? I honestly could not imagine my life without it. EVERYTHING takes good with cheese – potatoes & cheese, pasta & cheese, bread & cheese, Doritos & cheese.. give me alllll the cheese!!

5/ I couldn’t live without making memories

I hope I don’t reach a point where I am unable to laugh, to run, to jump, to play, to enjoy.. to live. I enjoy days out and fun cute evenings so imagine a life where you work, sleep, eat, repeat. Life is for living, enjoy it.