A little bit of self love

I’ve been a stuck in an endless rut recently; too much university work to contend with, never updating my blog, being bored to death with my job, struggling to stick to my diet and exercise regime whilst still trying to maintain relationships with the people I care about and have a little me time.

I’ll admit it’s been getting me down which has affected my mood and how I perceive things. The main effect it’s had has been hating myself – especially when it comes to weight, looks and other qualities. But it’s SO important to love yourself and have a little bit of pride in the things that you do.

Loving yourself will help you feel more confident

having a little confidence is a great trait to have. Being able to walk around with your head held high will instantly make you feel a little happier and give you the ability to strive in everything you do.

Loving yourself will help you accept who you are

when you begin to love yourself, you’ll accept that somethings can’t be changed or don’t matter. Everyone is unique and being able to accept your individual traits will help you realise you don’t need to change for anyone else’s gain but your own.

Loving yourself will help give you a more positive outlook on life

without the burden of being bummed down due to hating yourself, you will instantly feel more positive and happier which will change your approach to the world.

If you can’t love yourself, then who can? 

i believe if you don’t love yourself, then how do you expect somebody else to love you? i know my boyfriend gets annoyed when i’m constantly moaning about my weight or my clothes. the attitude you have on yourself will have an impact on how others feel about you.

I’m all for promoting self love (no matter how often I am on a diet) – here’s 5 things I love about myself:

1. My waist

2. I am compassionate and kind.

3. My lips

4. I have a big heart and I’m willing to love easily

5. I like that I have strive and determination to have a good life.

I challenge you to write 3 things which you love about yourself!


With love, Lottie