An evening with Lee Stafford

This week, I was lucky enough to attend an event at the Lee Stafford Hair & Beauty Training Academy in Chelmsford to see what they had to offer and sample some of their finest treatments. I was super excited for the event, not only to see my favourite Essex Bloggers but also because the man himself, Mr Lee Stafford, would be attending!


The training academy is part of Chelmsford College where anybody can learn different levels of hair and beauty following the guidelines from famous hairdresser Lee Stafford. You don’t have to be young to study there either but on this occasion, most of the girls I saw there seem to be around 17 – 20 years old. I’ve been to a training salon before and found the idea very daunting trusting someone with very little experience with my hair or face but it’s definitely worth trying, and the prices are super cheap may I add!


After a super friendly greeting by the lovely Emma, I was so shocked to see how big the salon was – they have everything from spa facilities to hair stations to beauty rooms. Everything is decorated beautifully with bright lights, pink toned walls and a calming atmosphere throughout. Lets talk about the man himself for a moment – we met him! His attendance to the event was a great bonus and he gave a little inspirational chat at the beginning of the evening, talking about his hairdressing journey and the work he does now. Can I also mention that he is a bit of a hunk?


Moving on, we began our first treatment and for that I chose to have my hair done. I absolutely love the mirrors they have there! I had my hair washed, blow dried and straightened by a lovely girl called Charlotte. She had been with the Lee Stafford academy since September and had learnt so much compared to her time working in an ordinary salon. I always love how soft and silky my hair feels after I’ve been to the hairdressers and this time felt no different to any other professional hairdressers I had been too. Charlotte explained the different products she used from the Lee Stafford line which all smelt amazing. I like the Bleach Blonde shampoo & conditioning set which is good for hair that has been damaged from colouring.


After a lovely hair appointment, I moved upstairs to the beauty room where I was instantly relaxed into a facial. A facial is always my go-to treatment when I visit a spa and this one didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, I’m not sure exactly what products she used.. it would have been nice to be told what they were and what they did but I guess that would spoil the atmosphere! My skin felt so soft after and already looked clearer the following day.


The evening ended with a very, very generous goody bag which included some fantastic products! I can’t wait to test them out and report back to you. I’ll definitely be heading back to the Lee Stafford Hair & Beauty Salon for a little spa day and treatments.

XO Lottie

  • Lovely post, I really enjoyed the event. The students were all so sweet and chatty! And I do agree he is a bit of a hunk haha 🙂 X

  • Elizabeth

    Looks like a fantastic event to attend. Glad to see you had a great time!

    • With Love, Lottie

      It was fab! X

  • Looks like such a wonderful event. Great to hear that you had a great time.