August: Best Bits

I told myself that this summer I would be out every weekend with exciting activities to do but thanks to the good old British weather, I can’t say I’ve been up to much. Not only that, I have also been on a saving mission to buy a house which you may have seen in my recent posts.

So let’s be honest, most of my time has been spent buying frying pans and cutlery from Ikea. And let’s not pretend we don’t all love it. Shopping for a house is possibly the most exciting thing ever. Here’s my little (potential) new home. It might not look like much, but at 21, I’d say I’m pretty lucky to be owning my own home. I don’t know if you have a mortgage but god is buying a home the most complex and difficult process ever.

2 Coke Street

August did include a couple of birthdays which are always good fun. Two of my closest and best friends turned 21 and we celebrated in style. It was my first clubbing outing to the lovely seaside town of Southend and I admit I was definitely worried about where we was going. The club was a bit more rock and grunge than my usual taste but we found an RnB room buried within it. Hannah's Birthday

The second celebration involved sweets, alcohol and even an Elvis Presley tribute act! What a show! I love a good tribute act and although I personally wouldn’t have Elvis, my best friend absolutely LOVED it and he was fantastic.

Danielle's Birthday

I can’t actually believe August is over and it doesn’t really feel like I had a summer. Next thing you know it’ll be Christmas! But before that, I am off on a sunny seaside escape to Turkey with my family and I can. not. wait!