Baby Showers

Fun baby shower games to welcome the new arrival

First and foremost, congratulations on the new bundle of joy that’ll soon be entering your life – or perhaps you are looking to host a baby shower in honour of a friend, colleague or family member. One of the most essential parts of any baby shower is the fun baby shower games that keep your guests giggling for a long time after.

How big is the bump? 

Before embarking on this baby shower game, it’s important to check that mum to be is happy for everyone at the baby shower to be getting up close and personal with her newly rounded tummy as some women can feel uncomfortable whilst pregnant. The aim of the game is to guess how big the bump is using just a piece of string. Everyone can be handed a roll of string, or take it in turns using the same ball, they must then roll of the string to what they think would be long enough to fit snugly around the bump. Once everyone has cut their string, they must each take it in turns to wrap their string about mum to be and see how close they were to the correct size. The person who’s string fits the closest is the winner!

Which baby am I?

This is one of my favourite baby shower games as it is so personal and a great way to get everybody talking with each other. Everybody attending the shower must bring along a baby photo of themselves and it’s a guess who game to match the baby photo to the person they are today. You’ll need one person in charge of hosting this game so that they can number each photo and write a list of all of the correct answers but they can still bring along their baby photo to be entered.

Down it! 

A drinking game turned PG for the sake of keeping your baby shower a family friendly environment. Fill up baby bottles with drink, either alcoholic or non, and see who can drink theirs the fastest! Depending on the number of guests attending, you can do this in numerous rounds and find a champion. Pick up coloured baby bottles from your local Poundland or alternative pound store to save on the cost for this fun baby shower game.

Pin the sperm in the egg 

We’ve all played pin the tail on the donkey, so we’ve upgraded this much loved childhood game to a new level. Whilst I’m yet to find an actually shop bought version of this, tee are so many Pinterest DIY options for you to have a try at. Most involve using Justin cardboard, paper, coloured pens, pins and not forgetting the all important blind fold to keep peeping eyes hidden.

Guess the date/weight

This baby game is possibly the most popular one that’s done everywhere, often even as somebody kind of office sweepstake. Everyone can guess the baby’s date of birth, weight and if it’s unknown, then the sex they think it’ll be. There are numerous charts and lists with ways to display the information and hopefully someone will have made a lucky accurate guess.

Now that you’ve sorted your entertainment, don’t forget all the decorating essentials from some of my favourite party shops, or the perfect gift ideas for the mother to be. If you are feeling super generous towards your guests, you could even throw in some prizes for the winners of the baby shower games.

With love,

L x