Best Bits: April

I skipped my March favourites as I didn’t get up to anything exciting, however I am back with a bang for April as it has been a little more adventurous than my previous month. As it gets closer to the summer, I start coming out of my little shell as I am not a winter person.

collage 1

1. My best friend and I opted for a spontaneous night out to Chicagos – a night on dancing and cocktails

2. I booked a trip to Thailand for January 2016 and I am so excited!

3. I went back to my party venue to finalise the details for my 21st birthday party

4. I tried to get a little adventurous and bake some cupcake icecream’s but I wasn’t very successful

collage 2

5. I love a girls night at the local pub and they served our cocktail in this funny little vase

6. I got my hair chopped into a bob! I love it and it looks even better curled

7. I went to the #MyChocBloggers event and spent the day hanging with my blogger besties!

I am looking forward to May as I have a pretty packed month! I’ll hopefully take plenty of photos and bore you to death with my birthday celebrations.


With love, Lottie