Battle of the Brows

I’ve never been big on brows until I recently had the HD brow treatment. After my treatment I picked up Brow Drama by Maybelinne and recently purchased Brow This Way from Rimmell. Both of these products can be bought from your local Superdrug or Boots and are very purse friendly; I have received different outcomes from both products. I picked both up in the shade Medium Brown.


The brushes are completely different. Brow Drama is thin and then ball shaped on the end of the wand whereas Brow This Way is more like a mascara wand. I’ve also heard is very similar to the new Benefit brow product. Both of the products have good colouring. Brow This Way deposits way more product than Brow Drama. Brow Drama looks great over the top of the brows to set in place once you’ve filled them yet you could use Brow This Way on it’s on and the brows will stay in place AND looked filled in. I find it easier to really get in between the hairs using Brow This Way as the wand is thinner and easier to use.

20141210_174326 (1)

If your new to brows, Brow drama is the safest bet. It adds a little colour yet not too much. I only tend to use the ball end yet you could use the skinnier part of the wand too – just try not to get product all over your face with the end of the wand. Brow This Way picks up A LOT of product and can sometimes look a little heavy if I don’t scrap some off the excess product. Both products are make up bag friendly so will sit perfectly in amongst your collect.