Shopping Spree

Shopping is something every girl loves, but where should you go?

For all your basic essentials

H&M – This shop is my favourite place for all types of basic tops or cardigans/jumpers. The prices are great and they always have everything in various styles and colours. A lot of people opt for Primark for simple items but I find H&M fits a lot better (although many of their items in S/M/L rather than sizes) and better quality. Sometimes the materials can be a little thin, but nothing that’s completely unbearable.

For everyday wear

Topshop – For the jeans and only for the jeans. I am cursed with a giant behind yet have a much smaller waist. I have tried everywhere but nothing fits better than Joni Jeans. I find they keep their shape well and have very little wear and tear. I will live in Joni jeans for as long as possible. I also love their leggings – they’re so much thicker than everywhere else I have tried.

For your feet

New Look – Your feet look gorgeous! Is that still the New Look shoe slogan or has that long gone? Both of my most worn favourite pairs of heels are from New Look and they’re just so damn comfy.

For your lazy online shopping

ASOS – Asos is a great online brand because as well as stocking their own range, they also feature many other brands on their site so it’s all their in one place for you.

For that night out

Matalan – I don’t think Matalan would be the top of many girls places to shop for a night out as I feel they have a very dated reputation. I have found so many amazing pieces in Matalan from glittery gowns to the perfect LBD. It can be a little hit and miss in there at times but it’s always worth a pop into your local store.

Where do you like to shop?


With love, Lottie