Netflix Appreciation

I can’t help but get addicted to Netflix. Is there a real name for such condition? Once I start a series, I will sit for hours and hours watching episode after episode. There is nothing better than a good series.. 1. Orange Is The New Black If you haven’t been this, where have you been? I’m now desperately waiting for season 3. Without giving too much a way, OITNB is about a woman who’s past life ends her up in a women’s prison. There’s so many great characters and a good storyline. 2. The Missing I loved this series and was gutted when I watched the last episode. Perhaps the title gives it away but this series is about people going missing. I found it very gripping and completely unpredictable. 3. Suits A lot of people have raved about this and I can see why. A failed law student gets lucky in a high flying law firm and there’s plenty of drama that goes with it. Keeping a big secret whilst winning law cases and falling in love proves difficult with new managing partners and sneaky colleagues. 4. Gossip Girl Something for the younger ladies definitely, but Gossip Girl is an amazing series. An online source documents the lives of the privileged youngsters of New York. There’s tears, tantrums, love, happiness and secrets, but who exactly is Gossip Girl? 5. The Vampire Diaries I tried not to get sucked in to another teenage rom come type series but I managed to watch all 3 seasons in around 4 weeks. It was a great light viewing that was entertaining. The characters are great and whilst obviously unrealistic (or maybe Vamps are real) the story it follows is interesting. If you enjoyed Twilight, you’ll love this. What are you watching on Netflix? xoxo With love, Lottie

  • Lou Francesca

    I love OTNB but I’m still only on season 2! I started it much later than everyone else ha, Lost and Dexter are really good too. would be really great if you could check out my fashion blog? 🙂