Amsterdam Pit Stop


Last week, I hopped on a ship at the London Cruise Terminal and sailed away to Amsterdam & Antwerp for a long weekend for my nanna’s birthday. If you’ve read my blog before, you might know that last year I went on my first cruise to Norway and had an incredible time so I was […]

Postcard Perfect Geiranger

If you haven’t read already, I recently went on a fabulous cruise to Norway and this port was my absolute favourite stop of the week, the beautiful village of Geiranger. Geiranger is a small tourist village in Western Norway that will give you the perfect postcard picture of the Fjords. The picture really speaks for […]

Molde Photo Diary

One thing to note about Norway – the weather is unpredictable and completely contrasting in each area. After a beautiful day in Bergen, we arrived the following morning in a wet, grey Molde. We had no activities booked, although I’m not sure you’d see much from the view point with all those clouds, so really […]

First stop: Bergen

Bergen is based on the South-West coast on Norway, surrounded by the fjords and mountains. As our cruise was in September, I wasn’t holding out much hope for the weather as Norway is a pretty wet and windy country (although still very beautiful) but to my surprise, we had full sunshine all day which made […]

My top 5 eateries in Paphos

So I have just returned from the beautiful island on Cyprus. It is one of my favourite holiday destinations that offers culture, beaches, sunshine and plenty of food & cocktails. Rather than going all inclusive, self catering is always preferred as there are so many mouth watering restaurants available to try. Whilst I still have […]

My Europe Travel Wishlist

Ah, the world of Wanderlust is both terrible and exciting. Somedays, I love my little adult life in my new home, with a boyfriend, our very own dog and standard well-paying 9-5 jobs. Other days, I want to be as far away from here as possible. That’s OK though, because you don’t have to give […]