Dear Little Lottie: Beauty Edition

Dear little Lottie,

I have plenty of tips for you to prepare yourself for the world of beauty and fashion. You aren’t doing too well, and you are going to need a little help to stop yourself looking like a fool.


Blue eye shadow is definitely not your colour. Not only is it not your colour, it’s nobodies colour. Just don’t go there – try something more neutral. Or don’t wear makeup at all, who you tryna impress girl?

Do not dye your hair – you will regret it and once it’s happened once, it’ll have to continue happening until one day you could go bald. And if you do dye it, stay blonder. Black is not a good colour for you, just like the blue eye shadow. You are not an emo and no matter how much people convince you it’ll ‘bring out your eye’s’, those girls are lying.

Sort your skin out ASAP – it’s important. Don’t use wipes and don’t sleep in your makeup as it makes things 100 times worse. Try to be a little less paranoid, everybody suffers from bad skin once in a while.. yours is just a longer phase. It’ll get better in time and with a little help of our good friends over at Clinque.

You rock those army boots and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Be yourself – you don’t need to follow the crowd. It’ll make you unhappy. That goes for everything – beauty, fashion, music, interests.

What are those heels you are walking in? Did I say walking? I meant stumbling. 5 inch heels are not a good choice when you are ‘drunk’ on WKD, trying to impress the boys that don’t know your name, and almost breaking your ankle. You don’t need them – wear shoes you can actually walk in.

Love always, bigger Lottie. 

Is there anything you would tell your younger self if you could?



  • Brilliant post! I’d tell myself that bright purple eyeshadow probably isn’t the way forward and that I should’ve tried foundation earlier!

  • fashion-mommy

    I love this – did the electric blue eyeliner and mascara virtually every day…and wore a shellsuit!