DIY Valentine’s Celebrations

So perhaps I’m just a bit of a Valentine’s scrooge, but I don’t really understand why we should go crazy one day a year and have over the top celebrations for the one we love. Obviously it’s great to spoil your loved one’s, but why confine it to just this one day? Maybe it is a bit of a marketing gimmick for companies to charge us extra money, but there are other ways to show affection to the person you love without breaking the bank this Valentine’s day.

Cook a meal
1 course, 3 course, 7 courses! Whatever you can manage. Be creative – perhaps you could stick with a theme and even crack out some decorations to go with it. I love Italian food so I would chose 3 Italian courses (definitely pizza), followed by a cheese board and some wine tasting. Other great themes could be Mexican with added Sombrero’s or whichever your favourite dish is!

Your own little den
It’s definitely too cold for camping but create your own space inside the house. Use comfy cushions and blankets to make it cosy and add twinkling fairy lights for a pretty effect. Grab yourself a movie, your favourite snacks to share and a bottle of bubbly and wind down for the evening. I know this is one of my favourite ideas if my boyfriend ever wanted to impress me with a thoughtful gesture (hint hint!)

Cocktail Masterclass
Maybe it’s just me but I love a cocktail, and most of my gal pals do too! What better evening than to have your own cocktail masterclass in your own kitchen. You can pick up cocktail shakers pretty cheaply in stores or online if you have enough time for it to be delivered. Most of us have the basic ingredients such as vodka or juice and you can find so many good recipes online. Put on some music and have your own little party with the drinks you make up.

Tea for Two
This is a little simpler than a meal as there’s less cooking involved. Knock up an afternoon tea for two with scones, pastries, sandwiches, cakes and tea of course! An alternative for tea is cocktails but still served in the tea pot. You can buy all of the necessary items for afternoon tea or for a more personal touch, I’d recommend doing some baking. You could even bake together which is something my boyfriend and I love to do!

I think sometimes it’s nice to receive a thoughtful gesture rather than a gift or usual dinner out. You can make it more personal to you and spend quality time together with little expenses involved.

Don’t forget, all of these ideas can be adapted to a night in with the girls if you prefer. I’d add in a pamper day if there’s no men involved with trashy magazines and chick flicks.

How will you be spending Valentine’s day?


With love, Lottie