High Heels, High Hopes

If I could walk properly in heels, then I’d probably want to wear them every day. I love how some women can run around all day in the highest pair of stilettos and not fall flat onto their face. I could definitely do with some lessons in heel walking! However, when I do go for a night out, I love to chuck on a pair of heels as they make me feel so fancy and girly, not to mention, make my legs look long and slim! The heels I normally opt for, due to my lack of heel walking talents, tend to be chunky as I find them much easier to walk in.

I’ve picked out my favourite pairs of heels from my collection. Unfortunately, all of them are relatively old now so you probably won’t find them in the shops anymore, however there are always great alternatives to find!



Black Chunky Heel – New Look

White Chunky Heel – New Look


Brown Suede Wedge – New Look


Glitter Princess Wedge – Office

20150419_144657Ted Baker

Are you a lover of high heels, or do you opt for flats?


With love, Lottie

  • I’m a flats girl! Doesn’t help that my boyfriend isn’t all that tall so I can’t really get away with heels and I’m already 5’7″ which is tall enough for me. However, the above shoes remind me of the 90s!!! I used to LOVEEEEEE my high platformy shoes back them