Introducing Freddy


So, I haven’t blogged for a whole two months and that is absolutely dreadful of me, I know but there has been lots going on. So obviously, what’s the best thing to do once you’ve bought a house that needs hella loads of work and work full time? Buy a puppy, obviously (Little note here, we have my partner’s grandparents that live around the corner and look after Freddy whenever we can’t so he basically has two homes and isn’t left for hours) So here he is, little Freddy.


Freddy is now 7 months old, born in October 2015 and at this moment in time, weighs a hefty 18 pounds. We got Freddy when he was 5 months and I can tell ya, what a 2 months it has been. He is a beagle poodle cross which I believe they shorten to a Poogle? Beagapoo? Who knows, whatever is it, he is CUTE. but I am bias.


Cute as he may be, does anyone even realise how difficult it is raising a puppy? And yes, I use the term ‘raising’ like you would a child because you have to teach a puppy how to walk on a lead properly, eat nicely, to be friendly, toilet training… he is basically a baby. Freddy has introduced us to a world of 5am wake up calls, piss all over the carpet and lots of cheeky behaviour. But i love him no matter how mischievous he gets. So far I can tell you that Fred loves soft toys, stealing shoes, the beach and bulls penis. Not so much a fan of being told off, lay ins or vegetables.

I’ll be keeping you up to date with all of Freddy’s adventures as he grows.

Ever thought about getting a puppy? Just remember they take up a lot of time and require a lot of dedication. A dog is for life.

XO Lottie