Intu Lakeside Personal Stylist Experience

If there is one way to feel like a super star, it’s to have a personal shopper experience – surely this is a thing that only ever happens in shows like Sex In The City right? Wrong! You can experience your very own personal stylist experience at Intu Lakeside. We all love shopping with a best friend right? They can tell you if what you’ve picked looks awful on you or if your butt looks big. Well that’s exactly what Carlene can do for you, except she’s an expert in fashion and will really understand what suits your shape and size. Did I mention it’s free?PicMonkey Collage

The personal stylist is located in the new customer lounge on the ground floor on the shopping center; also available in the customer lounge is a phone charging point, comfy chairs and tablets for some internet browsing. There are various packages to chose from to suit what the customer wants which you can find online here.

When I met with head stylist Carlene, she was extremely friendly and I could tell just by looking at her that she definitely new about style and fashion. She explained the process she goes through when meeting a new client to discover what they want. I completed a form regarding my size, height and basic information. We started by looking at my shape – I was pretty sure I was already pear shaped and Carlene confirmed that. She explained I could balance by shape by emphasising my top half, or show off my curvy bottom half, much like Kim Kardashian who flaunts her small waist and big hips.

I decided I was after some trousers as I live in jeans. From the information given, Carlene decided places such as Topshop, River Island, New Look and H&M would be good places for my size, shape and age. We entered River Island which was the first shop and Carlene told me to look around whilst she grabbed some items and meet at the changing room in 5 minutes. Whilst we didn’t find anything suitable in RI, it was great to try on items I would never have usually picked out myself. We had better luck in the second shop which was Dorothy Perkins and I purchased a pair of beautiful blue pattern trousers which tailored in at the bottom. I am comfortable with the pear shape which is why choosing a pattern bottom half wasn’t a big deal for me and Carlene explained that the type of trousers was good for showing off my figure.

I think the personal stylist experience provided by Intu Lakeside is a great addition to the center and I would definitely use it again. Perhaps you have a wedding to attend or your birthday is coming up? I believe Carlene & her team would be able to find you the perfect outfit and perhaps push you a little bit outside of your comfort zone.


With love, Lottie

  • I had a style session n a shop once, I was so worried about it but they were so lovely and really helped me, this sounds like a great session as well.

  • I’ve never used the services of a personal shopper. I think it would be a very dangerous move for me – I’d be almost certain to bust my budget and spend far too much money. I guess that’s what they would be hoping for, lol! 😉 Tx

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