Lush Spa Night

One of my favourite things about blogging has been meeting great girls and working closely with brands I love. Lush has been of my favourite product brands for a very long time as I especially love their bubble bars. The Chelmsford Lush store invited myself and other bloggers to a spa night, teaching us about their spa treatments available at the new Oxford street shop.

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Once greeted by candle floss (YUM!!) and different types of tea, we took our name badges and was introduced into what would occur throughout the evening. On offer was face masks, foot scrubs and arm massages as well as listening to the Lush relaxing music which they use in the spa. If you don’t already know, a spa day is one of my favourite things to do so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to the treatments. I started at the face mask station but opted for it to be done on my arm (makeup problems right?) which was soothing and refreshing. I love Lush face masks with cupcake and love lettuce being personal favourites.

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Myself and Zoe has a little listen to the music on offer which was calming and gentle. I could definitely imagine soaking in the bath with my favourite lush products listening to the soothing sounds.

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These massage bars were something I hadn’t tried before. There a different types available which are good for certain things or have different scents. The bars were massaged onto our arms which left the skin feeling super soft and gentle as a baby’s bottom! The one I chose smelt like coffee and then finished off with some vanilla dusting powder to give a slight sheen.

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I would absolutely love to visit the Lush spa in Oxford Street. I recently went there on a shopping spree there however wasn’t fortunate enough to test their treatments.

Have you been to a Lush Spa?



  • Beautyqueenuk

    I absolutely love Lush events, all of the staff that I have met are so fabulous at explaining what each product is and how you can best use it to its full potential x