My Daily Makeup Storage

I’ve been eyeing up Muji storage for a while as it looks so clean and tidy to keep makeup in. I luckily received a similar acrylic storage system from my cousin for my birthday (thanks Sabs!) which I am absolutely in love with. I wish I could remember what the make was before I ripped off the label.

My storage system contains 1 large area, a lipstick section, 2 small deep sections and 1 small shallow section. I decided to keep my every day makeup in this as it’s easy to reach and keeps my selection small.


I think this storage box is the perfect size for my daily makeup as it provides easy reach to everything I need, apart from my Naked palette but that sits on the side of my desk anyway.


I’ll be rotating key products throughout the seasons to remind myself to use products which I haven’t in a while! When keeping makeup in large drawers, things can often get missed and go unnoticed whereas this allows products to be on display reminding you of their existence!

I love the clear acrylic look as it is clean and will go with every colour scheme or theme. It’s tempting to invest in some more and create a very pinterest inspired place but that’ll have to wait until I own my own flat!

I’d love to hear how you store your makeup in the comments below.










  • lauragale94

    I also have MUJI makeup storage. I have the same top bit which is placed upon three narrow drawers. When I first got it (when I got into beauty blogging), it was fine, as I didn’t own that many products. But now, I find that the drawers aren’t deep enough, so I’m on the hunt for some new storage!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle