New Purchase: Camera Bag

In my March wishlist I mentioned needing a new camera bag. I have been lusting over this for a little while but was unsure as I had never heard of the website or brand before. Baring in mind, I already own 3 camera bags, I wasn’t sure if I needed it but two of the camera bags are your typical black basic bags which may be practical, but are a sight for sore eyes.

I went ahead with my wishes and ordered my new camera bag from Rigu. Rigu is a one man band based in Northern England who says that camera accessories don’t need to be black and boring which is exactly what my issue is with my current selection. Rigu got in touch with me after I’d made my order to ensure I was satisfied with the service which was a lovely touch. The company are more than happy to help you out and also threw in a bag of sweeties with my order!


I chose the Lockwood camera bag in Midnight Blue as it looked super stylish but would also protect my equipment. The information given states that ”This bag can hold a DSLR with a short lens attached (such as a small prime or pancake lens) and an additional lens or flash unit, with room left over for your iPad Mini or other small tablet. There is also a pocket on the front suitable for holding spare batteries, memory cards, and lens cloths.”


When the bag arrived I was thrilled by the colour, design and protection provided. It looks chic and fashionable without being recognisable as a camera bag. The shoulder strap is handy and there is plenty of padding inside. The bag has the main section to put your camera, a front pocket and a zip pocket on the back.


My biggest downside is that I disagree with the amount of equipment it can hold. Perhaps it’s my camera but with my body and prime lens in, there was no way I’d fit another lens in. I also tend to use a battery pack attached to one of my cameras which I wouldn’t be able to fit in this. I did fit in my iPad mini with a case on, and also added a lens cleaner and some extra memory cards in the zipped pocket. Rigu do offer a variety of bags in all sorts of sizes and colours so I’ll be checking out their website in the near future for a larger bag for the days where I may need to carry around more equipment. For your every day photograph, this bag will definitely suffice and does a great job at looking good and being supportive of the equipment.


Although it’s not as roomy as I hoped, I still LOVE this bag and I will be using it for my daily photography.

I love photography and hope this will get me back out into taking more photos.

Are you into photography? How do you carry your equipment?


With love, Lottie

  • I don’t have a DSLR but my boyfriend does and he just has the normal black case so I always end up putting the camera in my bag which is annoying. Something like this would be perfect though.

    Emma x
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    • Charlotte Guyon

      I must have missed your comment! I’m always worried about just chucking it in my bag without good protection. Thanks for reading 🙂 xx