New Year, New You

Don’t we hear that every year? That this year you will change and things will be different. This year things will be better. I’m all for having a positive outlook but how much can one night really change your outlook on life?  But I guess it’s a good place to start…

1. Get fit

I think this is my top New Years resolution every year along with many other people. I am determined that January will be a new start in regards to fitness and healthy eating. I want to do the colour run and other events so I’ll get started and training straight away

2. Work hard

in everything. I’m starting a university degree in January and need to pass my first assignment in two weeks to continue. I know I’ll need to work hard at it and I also hope to improve at work as well.

3. Worry less, love more

I am a worrier. I think about things over and over again until it hurts. I need to let go sometimes. I forget I’m only 20 sometimes. I will show more love to my friends, family and boyfriend and learn to chill out sometimes

4. Travel

This is my biggest goal. I am so focused on travelling in the new year and I am praying it can happen. I want to travel central and Eastern Europe first and learn about their culture.

5. Capture every moment

I have the worst memory. I love photography. My solution is to capture every memory and document it in a scrap book. I need to use my camera more and all the photos I already have are just stored on my laptop. It would be great great to have an album to look through when I’m older and remember all the good times.

What are your new years resolutions?


With love, Lottie