Review: Dinner & Drinks at Revolution, Southend*

Revolution is cocktail, restaurant & party venue offering food and drinks for every occasion with regular deals and happy hours that won’t break the bank. It’s the perfect multi-purpose place which is great for lunch with the family, drinks with the girls, or if you are feeling it, then a full on session with 30 hand crafted vodka flavours to get through. Revolution can cater for any occasion and even offer cocktail masterclass’s which is perfect for a special event.

After visiting Revolution, Southend for the first time for their press night, I couldn’t wait to go back. If you haven’t been yet then I highly recommend a trip to Revolution in Southend, or anywhere you have your local Revs!

Revolution menu

Arriving at Revolution, I popped some balloons and confetti on the table as we were celebrating my best friends birthday. Revolution do some of the best cocktails on the market with a twist on the usual classics. I chose the bubblegum daiquiri which came in a plastic cup looking like a slush puppy filled with flying saucers. If you are lucky to visit during happy hour, then selected cocktails are 2 for 1 as well as deals on beers and spirits. If you want something really creative, the cocktails are your best bet with Garden of Eden being served in a watering can or It’s a Rum Ting in a can!

Revolution bubblegum cocktail

Once the drinks were flowing, we ordered our food. The new summer menu is mouthwatering to read and there is something for even the fussiest of eaters. The birthday girl ordered the Smokin’ Bacon Burger which you may have seen featured on my last blog post about Revolution. The famous ‘Wosit Burger’ as I like to call it. Honestly, who thought of putting Wotsits in a burger?! For me, I chose the burger topped with ribbed beef and it was delicious! The boys both opted for classic dishes being the Fish & Chips and Pepperoni Pizza, both of which got the seal of approval. To accompany our dinner, we had to get halloumi fries because they are heaven sent.

Food table

Fish and chips revolution meal

After dinner, what better way to wash your food down than with a round of vodka shots. We were presented to two sticks of shots with 4 different flavours, however it was a 50/50 chance whether you was going to end up with something yummy, or something that will leave you throwing up at the end of the night. Revolution have many different flavours to chose from and I’m sure you’d find your perfect favourite flavour. On the stick with the red shots, you were either going to end up with strawberry (yum!) or xxx chilli (not so yum) and it was the same story with the clear shots. I had luck on my side and ended up with two yummy shots, but some of us were not so lucky. Maybe one of us even had to go and barf a little.

Revolution. Shots

Revolution vodka menu

With more cocktails flowing to wash down the burning chilli sensation, it was time to tuck into dessert. On my last visit, I’d filled up on starters and sides with no room for dessert so I refused to make the same mistake this time as I had my eye on the Salted Caramel Chocolate Fondu and it didn’t disappoint. The birthday girl treated herself to the Nutella Fluffwich but the boys were too scarred from the shots to eat anything else. If there’s one thing I love when I fancy something sweet then it is definitely a fondue; a pot melted salted caramel chocolate, fresh strawberries & bananas, marshmallows and little doughy bread twists.

Be sure to check out your local Revolution, the perfect venue for any occasion! I’ve already planned my next trip!

Revolution kindly discounted part of our bill in order for us to try a wide range of products from their summer menu. All opinions are my own. 

  • Joanna

    The food looks delicous and I like the sound of them cocktails.

    • With Love, Lottie

      The cocktails are incredible!!

  • Laura Dove

    Oh I love Revolution! We have one up here and we’ve had some fab nights out there! That fish and chips looks lovely!

    • With Love, Lottie

      It was really good! Perfect venue for my kind of night out too!

  • I had no idea that the food at Revolutions was so delicious but as for the cocktails they sure have quite the collection. Glad that you had a good time x

  • Natalie Walsh

    I had no idea you could get foodor drinks like that. i always thought it was an average pub but I was far from wrong now. i walked past one two weekends ago in blackpool- kicking myself now as looks amazing

    • With Love, Lottie

      no way! definitely better than a pub.

  • Laura

    I used to go here all the time in my 20’s, although mainly for the vodka, I never tried the food!

  • I’ve not been to a Vodka Revolution in ages, but the food looks great! x

  • I love Revolution it is one of my favourite places to go out and their cocktails are the one! I love their pizzas and mezze board! x

  • Helen Clark

    Halloumi fries sound amazing! I love revs and often go for cocktails (and ok shots haha) but have never tried the food. It all looks really good though, definitely somewhere I’ll have to try now.

  • Bex Smith

    I haven’t been to a Revolution in years but I will definitely have to – the food looks fab

  • Kate Williams

    We lived in Southend until last year, will have to check out Revolution next time we’re visiting – it looks like a good place for a night out with the girls!

  • Jessica Dearnley

    I love my local Revolution, they always have great drinks and food. Lovely review!

  • What a fantastic spread of food! I love the way you’ve taken the photographs for this review post too – makes me want to jump in and be there too!

    • With Love, Lottie

      Thank you!!

  • Lauretta

    Those are mouth watering. I’m loving the Fish & Chips. Pretty pictures too. 🙂

  • Hayley

    I haven’t been to Revoliution for food in ages! This looks so nice!

  • Yummy, so many favourites to choose from. I would probably go for the pizza, or maybe the burger! Yum!

  • The chocolate pot looks ace! I’m not sure I could share it! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten in a Revs. I can almost see one from my desk so might have to have a lunch time trip one day!!!

    • With Love, Lottie

      I let them have a little bite but the rest was definitely all for me. And there was more than enough chocolate as there’s nothing worse than running out when you’ve still got fruit to dip!

  • kitty kaos

    I love revolution they have the best cocktails and are so affordable! Never had food there but looks yummy x

  • Madeeha

    That salted caramel chocolate foundue is giving me life right now. Nothing that beat this combination.

  • Ahh everything looks so yummy. I love Revolution especially when its 50% off on Mondays! The cocktail selection is amazing too! xo

  • Louise Smith

    I absolutely LOVE Revolution Bars. I’m lucky enough to live smack bang in the middle of Nottingham and Sheffield, and both have Revolution Bars that are awesome 🙂

    Louise x

    • With Love, Lottie

      I’ve been to Revs in Nottingham and it was fab!! The one we went to there was perfect for a night out!