Strawberry Goodness

I managed to get my hands on this little tube of goodness at a recent bloggers meet up. We knew there would be a new makeup line launching and that we would be the first people to lay eyes on it.

The brand in question is MooGoo, a popular skin care brand in Australia, accompanied by their brand new sister makeup line, Dusty Girls. The story of how the brand was developed is quite a read so be sure to check out their website. MooGoo pride themselves on using only natural ingredients and target specific skin problems. Dusty Girls has the same approached and I was impressed by some of their products. Whilst many of the products seemed billable, I would recommend looking at the brand if you prefer a natural, light appearance.

The lovely ladies from MooGoo were kind enough to offer some of their products to those of us who didn’t win on the raffle so I picked up their Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm. I am a first lover of my Carmex lip balm as recommended by my good friend Nellie a while ago, however this may just be my new staple product.

This lip balm smells Devine and definitely like strawberries. It’s edible! Although Id have to be pretty darn hungry to ever consider eating my makeup. MooGoo explained that many other brands used CRUSHED BEETLES to get the red colouring in their lip products. That sounds horrific and gross right? Whereas this balm contains no insects whatsoever.

I suffer badly with dry lips and this balm keeps them soft and hydrated all day. I top up perhaps every four hours but that’s a personal preference.

If your in need of a new lip balm, I would recommend MooGoo. If your life me, I have a whole stack of unused lip balms still to go through so I won’t be rushing to purchase another tube when it’s empty however it’s a great brand to try out. They have plenty of other skincare products available which I’d recommend looking at if you have specific issues. I’ll definitely be on the hunt for some of their acne treatments!

Have you tried MooGoo before?


With love, Lottie