The Blush Addict Tag


I wouldn’t say I’m an addict, but I do love a bit of blusher. I can be a little heavy handed and end up looking perhaps a little like a clown but as the lovely Polly from Pollys Pocket Book has tagged me, I figured I’d dig into my collection and show you what I have to offer.  

What colour blush suits you most?

I’ll go with pink tones but to be honest I’m not that sure. I tend to just wear whatever I want!

Pressed, cream or loose blush?

Oh I must say, whilst most of my blushes are pressed, I love cream blush! Especially in the summer.

Favourite shimmery blush?

I don’t think any of my blushers are shimmery? I tend to wear a lot of highlighter so I keep my blush matte.

Favourite matte blush?

Dandelion by Benefit is always a winner.

Favourite cream blush?

My MUA cream blusher is actually amazing! I think it was about £2 and I love it.

Favourite drugstore blush?

Collection do some great little blushers. They last all day and my favourite is in peach melba.

Favourite high end blush?

My only high end blushers are from benefit although I’d love to branch out more if anyone has any suggestions

Biggest blush disappointment?

Bourjous! I bought one before which was a little pot and even though it was a bright colour I couldn’t get any product onto my brush, making it invisible when applied.

Best blush packaging?

I love the boxes which are from Benefit although they take up a bit of room in a makeup bag.

What’s on your blush wishlist?

Hmm I’m not too sure! I’d love to try some more high end blushers but there are so many great high street ones I can never justify the price.

Holy grail blush?

I definitely need to up my blush game but for now I will have to go with Dandelion.

I tag my lovely blogger favourites, DanielleHanna, Nicola and Hayley.


With love, Lottie