Updating the Dressing Room

I use the term ‘I’ve moved out’ very lightly when describing my situation as I still stop off at my parents house every weekday morning for breakfast and spend two nights sleeping there. Whilst they have ditched my bedroom and have moved me to the sofa bed upstairs, my ‘room’ has been transformed into a beautiful dressing room/spare room for everybody to enjoy. It’s the perfect addition to the house! Decorating and redesigning a room doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.. a few little updates and changes can make all the difference.

With Love Lottie Blind

A lick of paint and a new blind can easily transform a room. This blind is beautiful and if I can find out where it was ordered from, then I will insert it right here. The colours are pretty nuetral but brighten up the room and add some colour with hints of blue and green.

With Love Lottie shelf

Adding a candle, picture frame and sign to a shelf is so very cliche but it looks so effective. The ‘White Tea & Peoni’ candle is from good ol’ Primark and smells subtle and refreshing. I was surprised to find out the sign is from Aldi of all places but they’re stock changes so regularly I doubt you can pick it up anymore. I picked up the wooden photo frame in The Factory shop as it has a bright blue border which adds a little bit of a colour and matches the rest of the room.

With Love Lottie Table

We wanted to keep the room simple and added this white dressing table from Ikea for all things girly. Perfume bottles are always so beautiful so they make the perfect accessory. I picked up this little heart bottle in The Factory Shop and it adds a beautiful simple decoration.

With Love Lottie picture wall

Now onto my favourite area of the room.. the picture wall. I think I’ve seen this all over Pinterest and other bloggers. The white frame with colourful print is from Home Bargains and the Black ‘Think Happy, Be Happy’ is a Primark classic. The other 3 frames were bought in Ikea and filled with print outs which were bought online at Etsy. Honestly, there are so many options of prints to buy and they add so much character and life to a room.

XO Lottie